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The training program is carried out to produce  skilled instructor under the  Act 652 ( NASDA )  and has a criteria as the Valuation Officer / Internal Verification Officers ( AO / IVO )

Have at least the Malaysian Skills Certificate ( SKM ) in the field of vocational trainers or vocational education certificate or certificate of vocational teaching and training which is recognized by the Department of Skill Development / National Vocational Training Council ( SDS )

Able to use NOSS Vocational Training Officer ( VTO ) I- 031-3 as basic guidelines . The program is for a  period covering 9 months of which  3 months at the Akademi and 6 months Internship at Accredited Centres ( PB ), public or private .

The participants will be awarded a Certificate of Vocational Training Officer Level 3 from  the Department of Skill Development (DSD )